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The i.i.imabari! Campaign is a push for anyone can help bring the city to life or share the fascinating parts of Imabari with people around the world.

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What parts of Imabari are you into?

About the campaign logo

The two popping i's in the logo represent sparks of thought and the co-creation of people's ideas. Additionally, they are also reminiscent of the exciting fireworks that are set off during the Onmaku festival in Imabari.
The colors used are the primary colors cyan, magenta, and yellow. From them, an infinite number of colors can be born. We wanted to express the infinite possibilities that people fascinated by Imabari can create together.

Brand Colors

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Creative Director

SATO Kashiwa

Born in Tokyo in 1965. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design. A representative of a creative studio “SAMURAI”. A special professor at Keio University. Playing an important role as a total producer in various fields such as in companies, products, spaces, and revitalizing local areas. Also, working hard to share the excellent culture, technology, and content of Japan as a Japan Cultural Envoy to the world. Author of “Kashiwa Sato’s Ultimate Method for Reaching the Essentials.”(Nikkei Publishing Inc. ) and ““Kashiwa Sato on Meetings-Achieving Breakthroughs in Your Conventional Meetings,” (DIAMOND,Inc. ) among others.

Imabari is full of fun.
There are many interesting things and places in Imabari. Shimanami Kaido is a well-known mecca for cyclists. There is the Japan Heritage Murakami Kaizoku Navy. Local specialties include Yakitori (skewered grilled chicken) and Seto Inland Sea seafood, as well as, fresh local produce and delicious sweets. FC Imabari is well worth watching – you can’t take your eyes off of them. “Omishima Project”, an ongoing initiative, promotes living on the most beautiful island Omishima. The local mascot character Barii-san is a perennial favorite and Imabari Towel continues to grow as a recognized JAPAN Brand. Moreover, there are many fascinating people making Imabari interesting. They all have special powers that attract others.

“I’m into Imabari!” means “I am in love with Imabari.” or “I’m hooked on Imabari.” The more we know about Imabari, and the more we feel Imabari, the more into Imabari we become. I put the thoughts that I am currently feeling into these words.

A lot of people love Imabari and they share the charms of the city. In turn, others are attracted by these charms and visit Imabari, finding their own reasons to say “I’m into Imabari!” There are so many people getting together who are 'into Imabari'. Let the power of Imabari be known to the nation. The logo design is cheerful, popping with a feeling of energy. The center of the logo has an image of the people of Imabari and the people who are into Imabari. It is expressing the interesting individuality in Imabari, inspirational new ideas created through joint development amid the exploding fireworks of the local festival 'Onmaku'. Everyone related to Imabari is an originator, an influencer, and a leader, becoming symbols of how industries and individuals can come together to create an “Imabari Model of Joint Development”. I hope that “I’m into Imabari” will become a big movement.

Kashiwa Sato

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