A New Local Sweet in the Cycling City of Imabari!



BARI-BREST is the Imabari version of a Paris-Brest!

A Paris-Brest is a French pastry shaped in the form of a wheel in tribute to the world’s oldest bicycle race, Paris-Brest-Paris. Imabari in Ehime is also a city famous for cycling. Often referred to as the “cyclists’ sanctuary”, Imabari attracts a number of cyclists from Japan and abroad. Not only do Paris and Imabari have cycling in common, they also sound alike in both French and Japanese. Try saying Paris with a French accent to see the similarity: Paree, Imabari... a pun!? Local chefs were inspired by this delightful play on words to create the BARI-BREST.

The basic concept of BARI-BREST is that it should meet the three requirements below

  • A round pastry in the form of a wheel
  • Use ingredients grown in Imabari
  • Sold in Imabari

Each shop makes original BARI-BREST with a unique twist and individual passion. More and more delicious BARI-BREST have been developed around the city.
Which BARI-BREST are you into?

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