Dokodemo i.i. Shopping!

Here are links to non-food shopping sites for Imabari products including Imabari towels, Barysan merchandise etc. You may find some hidden Imabari specialties.

FC. IMABARI Official Online Store

FC. IMABARI led by chairman, Takeshi Okada.
Buy items to support them.

Cyclo Tourisme Shimanami

Cycling items in Imabari. Take them with you when cycling.

Imabari Towel Official Online Store

Try our world-class comfort towel.

Imabari Towel Boutique,
IMABARI Area Local Industry Promotion Center

Check our websites to see various products of towel manufacturers in Imabari.

Shimanami Picnic,
Imabari District Tourism Association

We introduce delicious local foods and best items.

Barysan Official Online Shop

A lot of merchandise of our very own Tourism Ambassador, Bary-san

Kikuma-cho Yogyo Kyodo-Kumiai
(Kikuma Ceramic Engineering Cooperative Association)

Oxidized-silver Kikuma roof tiles with 750 years history.
How about Yakuyoke Oni-gawara (ogre-shaped decorative tiles) as a good-luck charm?

Iyo Sakurai-Shikki Kaikan
(Sakurai Lacquer Ware Center)

Traditional craft Sakurai lacquer ware is a good-luck charm bringing people together. Perfect for a gift.

Furusato Choice!

A comprehensive site for hometown tax (a system that allows you to donate to your local government. In return you will be eligible to receive an income tax refund and a residence tax deduction based on your donation amount) with the largest number of listings. Our extensive selection has over 220,000 local specialties for 1,788 municipalities.


A portal site for hometown tax (see above) with an easy-to-read and easy-to-use application form. Mobile access also available.

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