Some say they like the ocean.

Some say the scenery is beautiful.

Some say they like its profound history, the warmth of the people, or the softness of the water.

Some say they can't wait to eat the cheap tasty local food,

and others say they can't forget the refreshing winds on Shimanami Kaido Bridge when they are cycling.

Imabari is located in the center of the Seto Inland Sea. It's a place where agriculture and industry prosper.

It's a hub for the flow of people and goods. It's a famous name in history.

It's a source of new business ideas and home to numerous “Best in Japan” distinctions.

But not only that, I think there are so many undiscovered treasures and an indescribable attractiveness in Imabari.

I’m into IMABARI.

I am also into Imabari.

While feeling the spark of joy and the peace, you will be fascinated by the food,

engaged by the culture and sports, and the nature will steal your heart.

Why don't you come and experience it all?

I'm sure you will find your own reason to be into Imabari.

I'm into Onmaku Festival I'm into Onmaku Festival
I'm into red snapper cuisine I'm into red snapper cuisine


A New Local Sweet in the Cycling City of Imabari!
BARI-BREST is the Imabari version of a Paris-Brest!

I'm into 継ぎ獅子 I'm into 継ぎ獅子

Promoting the Appeal of the Murakami Kaizoku


Find out more about the Murakami Kaizoku Museum, where you can enjoy learning the history of the Murakami Kaizoku (Murakami pirates).
Interview with curator Mr. Ken Tanaka.

Mr. Hiroki Inoue

Making a New Place to Interact With Others


Interview with Chairman Inoue of the Imabari Towel Industrial Association about the newly opened Imabari Towel CAFE. Find out about their new initiative for Imabari Towels.

Yoshifumi Kihara

Jump-Starting Imabari Through Food and Agriculture


Introducing local agriculture through the food they sell, Saisai Kite-ya is a place where makers and consumers are connected through Imabari Towels.

I'm into タオル I'm into タオル
I'm into 鈍川渓谷 I'm into 鈍川渓谷
今治へようこそ 今治へようこそ

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