For business use

(products, wrapping, or advertisements)

The logo marks are available for free, but permission is required. Please apply to obtain permission.

Please read the guidelines and regulations for logo mark usage and make sure you fully understand the rules.

  • The product has to be produced, cultivated, raised, or caught in Imabari.
  • The main materials of the product are from Imabari.
  • Product was processed in Imabari or the last part of process was done in Imabari.
  • The product is sold by a company in Imabari.

At least one of the above requirements is needed to obtain permission. If not, you can not apply.

Example cases of how the logo mark can used

  • To sell products with the logo mark
  • To present the logo mark in the design of a product, including on its package design
  • To present the logo mark on a box of desserts or sweets
  • To use the logo mark on baked sweets

Please check the manual and the regulations


Turn in your application to Imabari City.


To apply, the application needs to be sent by mail or delivered in person. It cannot be sent by email or fax.

Where to submit.

1-4-1 Bekku cho Imabari Ehime 79408511
Imabari City Hall The First Annex 6th Floor
To Imabari City Hall Industry Department i.i.imabari! PR Division
TEL 0898-36-1554 i.i.imabari! PR Division


The result of the application will be sent by mail from Imabari City. It will explain if the application was approved or not.


Once the approval letter has been received, please download the logo mark from the download page. In case of any changes or cancellations, another application form needs to be submitted.

Application Form for Change of Logo Use


Application Form for Termination of Use


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