Appreciating Seasonal Foodstuffs


Ms. Yukako Kobayashi

Just opening the box evokes feelings of admiration. TORICO‘s deli box, cooked by Ms. Kobayashi, is gripping with not only its taste but also its appearance.
Using many seasonal ingredients, TORICO’s deli box is sold at the Imabari Towel CAFÉ. (only on March 9th, 10th, 17th and 24th. Limited in quantity)

TORICO 小林友香子さん

According to Ms. Kobayashi

“The deli box is full of dishes cooked with time and care, bringing out the pronounced flavor of each of the individual ingredients. It’s amazing and impressive to see the various textures and unique combinations of the ingredients.”

TORICO’s DELI BOX is sold at the Imabari towel CAFÉ \1,000 yen (incl. tax)

The secret of TORICO’s popularity is that she only uses the ingredients that perform up to her standards. When purchasing, she visits the shops and farms to see them for herself. She adheres to her policy of consistent quality, and she only uses ingredients that spark joy. She is enthusiastic about delivering this commitment to consumers.

She cooks with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Ms. Kobayashi was born in Wakayama. She has loved cooking and eating since childhood, and she was so inquisitive about food that she joined a foodstuffs company. After marriage she began to live in Imabari and she noticed the pleasant taste of the food grown in the area. She fulfilled her longtime dream to be a producer and started TORICO in November 2017. The menu includes: sandwiches with plenty of fruit and vegetables, soup, side dishes, and a deli box containing all of them. She doesn’t have her own shop, so she sells her products mainly at farmers markets’ and events.

Looking back, Ms. Kobayashi remembers that, “At first I wasn't able to sell everything I made. However, I was firm in my conviction to not to degrade the quality and to go to any expense. A few months later, I gained some repeat customers, and word started to spread. Gradually, I had more and more customers.” Now TORICO is so popular that no one would ever suspect that she had a hard time starting out.

Even the packaging has hand-chosen details: today's boxes are decorated with mimosa.

“As I cook on my own, I can’t make a lot of products, but it also allows me to put special care into each meal. My deli box holds my love of good food and Imabari.”

Ms. Kobayashi uses various recipes to prepare meals that make the most of the original taste of the ingredients. An unexpected combination of ingredients ensures flavors beyond imagination. It’s wonder of combination that shares something in common with i.i.imabari: the gathering of various people which furthers new collaboration.

I'm into I'm into

Ms. Yukako Kobayashi

I'm into Imabari towel!

“Coming to Imabari, I was amazed by the taste of the local vegetables and fruit.” says Ms. Koyabashi. She cooks with well-selected ingredients and resolutely sticks to cooking everything by hand. “Thinking of the material cost, time and labor, it’s unprofitable”, she says with a merry smile. Undoubtedly, that smile is due to the support of the many customers who enjoy her meals. There is a lot to love about Imabari, but after all, Ms. Kobayashi is into the local ingredients!

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