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Mr. Hiroki Inoue
President, Imabari Towel Industrial Association

The Imabari Towel CAFÉ opened on March 9th, 2019. It’s the association's third location on the premises at Texport Imabari following the Imabari Towel Head Office and the Imabari Towel LAB. What’s the place like? I visited it with Mr. Inoue, President of the Imabari Towel Industrial Association.

Mr. Inoue

The Imabari Towel CAFÉ has been added to the Imabari Towel Head Office, which boasts one of the largest floor spaces for Imabari Towels in Japan. The spatial design was made by SAMURAI lead creative director, Sato Kashiwa. Simple and warm, the plain-wood dominated design uses the same concept as the Imabari Towel Head Office to express the world of Imabari towels.

The store, with its plain-wood dominated design.

The Imabari Towel Head Office has a selection of almost 400 kinds of towels and 20,000 items. Customers can carefully choose their items in consultation with the expertise of a Towel Sommelier. The Imabari Towel LAB is an experience-based facility which provides some unique hands-on experiences: the “Five-Second Test” inspection where guests can observe the towels' high water absorbability, a towel loom, Towel Sommelier quizzes, etc.

Imabari Towel Head Office

Imabari Towel LAB

This brings us to the newly opened Imabari Towel CAFÉ. “I hope this forum is regularly used as a place for a short shopping break, a relaxing chat, and so on,” said Mr. Inoue.

The café is freely available to everyone, even those bringing in outside foods and drinks. Mr. Inoue notes, “I also want it to be used in business settings, such as for meetings, social events, and luncheon meetings.” A coffee maker is installed, and it provides a cup of coffee for 100 yen, which can be helpful for business meetings. This place can truly be called a “community café” where all different kinds of people can gather.

The special collaboration menu items.

“Imabari has many wonderful aspects, such as food, culture, sports, and so on. It’s of course important to promote each individually, however, if everyone brings and exchanges their ideas, we can expand on them. I hope this Imabari Towel CAFÉ becomes a center for sending and exchanging information about the various types of industries here to boost Imabari”, said Mr. Inoue.

The first unique collaboration of towels and food led by the Imabari Towel Industrial Association will certainly promote such exchange and trigger interesting changes in the future.

I'm into I'm into

Mr. Hiroki Inoue
President of the Imabari Towel Industrial Association

I'm into Imabari towel!

He is both the president of the Imabari Towel Industrial Association and the company president of a well-established towel company with a 70-year history. He is massively confident about safe, secure, and high-quality Imabari towels. It's no wonder that Mr. Inoue is into Imabari Towels!

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